Seaside Book Reviews

There are a number of books about the British Seaside holiday. We review some of the latest publications.

The British Seaside Holiday, Kathryn Ferry

The British Seaside Holiday

Author - Kathryn Ferry

This book, by Kathryn Ferry, is about the best years of the British Seaside Holiday covering the period from 1870 to 1970. The author begins in the era of the Victorian day tripper and ends with their descendents jetting off to Spain in large numbers. Her book captures the essence of the holiday experience from the excitement of the trip to the coast, to board and lodgings and holiday entertainment, both on the beach and elsewhere.

This book is a comprehensive presentation of the British Seaside Holiday, which is historically accurate and well illustrated. It is also a very good read.

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Designing the Seaside, Fred Gray

Designing the Seaside Architecture, Society and Nature

Author - Fred Gray

This book is a richly illustrated and detailed analysis of the style of not just seaside buildings, but the whole seaside environment. Fred Gray describes the evolution of the seaside from the early days in the eighteenth century right up to the present day. The focus is mainly on the British seaside, but he also covers Europe and America.

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Sun, Sea and Sand

See also Sun, Sea and Sand by the authors of this website.